SE Sprints Finals Results

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Course 1


Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Jack Kosky SO M21 14:13
2nd William White SARUM M21 14:42
3rd Dan Lewington SLOW M21 15:06
4th John Owens BAOC M45 15:35
5th James Lyne SLOW M21 15:57
6th Adam Conway GO M16 16:00
7th James Errington HH M21 16:13
8th Thomas Howell SN M18 17:05
9th Antoine Pesenti DFOK M45 17:17
10th Simon Errington HH M55 17:58
11th Yordan Kolev SLOW M21 18:20
12th Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M55 18:28
13th Paul Luttman SO M45 18:43
14th Will Heap SO M45 18:46
15th Alan Hickling SAX M50 18:53
16th Iain Stemp WAOC M50 18:54
17th David Dixon HH M45 19:01
18th Maxime Pesenti DFOK M14 19:16
19th Alex Owen LOK M40 19:39
20th Chris Hooker SO M55 19:48
21st David Hodson HH M50 19:59
22nd Josh M’Caw HH M18 20:04
23rd Brendon Howe SAX M45 20:22
24th Keith Bennett DFOK M45 20:26
25th Rob Humphreys HH M40 20:37
26th Rod Harrington DFOK M50 22:30
27th Peter Martin MV M55 22:31
28th Matthew Dixon HH M16 22:33
29th Russell Peters CHIG M40 23:29
30th Phil Conway GO M55 24:00
31st John Marsh SO M50 24:57
32nd Adam Leaf HH M55 26:12
33rd David Heale HH M50 27:24
34th Graham Denney SAX M45 27:45
35th David Float HAVOC M45 29:54
36th Nikolay Kolev SLOW M50 31:47
37th Phil M’Caw HH M55 32:26
38th Christopher Walker LOK M45 36:08
39th Charlie Dixon HH M14 42:16
m13-19 Frank Townley SN M16 17:02

Course 2


Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Velina Valova SLOW W21 16:33
2nd Rebecca Dal Bon SLOW W21 17:22
3rd= Maria Pereverzina HH W21 17:58
3rd= Sue Carter SLOW W50 17:58
5th Alison Howe SAX W45 18:14
6th Helen Chiswell DVO W40 19:33
7th Helen Parkinson NOC W50 19:39
8th Anna Chapman SO W45 20:02
9th Fiona Tam SLOW W21 20:03
10th Raffaella Marin SLOW W50 20:49
11th Scarlet Heap SO W16 21:18
12th Ffion Jones SO W16 22:23
13th Gillian Hanson HH W50 22:41
14th Vinh-Phuong Hoang SLOW W21 23:36
15th Sarah Louise Francis SN W50 23:41
16th Rachel McTurk HAVOC W21 24:01
17th Viv Hodson HH W50 26:48
18th Barbara Griessner SLOW W45 29:59
19th Sarah Dixon HH W45 35:01
rtd Isobel Harrington DFOK W55
m5 Sarah Rollins SN W40 14:41
m8 m15-18 Christina Bennett DFOK W40 59:44

Course 3


Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Alun Jones TVOC M60 14:55
2nd Nick Campbell DEE M60 16:33
3rd Robert Parkinson NOC M60 16:57
4th Richard Bonnett BAOC M60 17:10
5th Alan Leakey SLOW M65 17:26
6th Robin Smith SO M65 17:30
7th Paul Langston HH M65 17:47
8th Diane Leakey SLOW W60 18:06
9th John Duffield HH M70 18:26
10th Simon Greenwood SAX M60 19:23
11th Philip Gristwood MV M65 20:55
12th Peter Errington HH M20 22:10
13th Mike Elliot MV M65 24:22
14th Philip Cooper WIM M70 26:57
15th David LeFevre DFOK M60 27:07
16th Jane Campbell DEE W60 28:02
17th Ursula Oxburgh WAOC W80 41:31
rtd Robin Campbell CHIG M80
m16 Mick Smith HH M70 17:35
w1 Janet Cronk WAOC W60 18:57
m6-7 m9-15 Ruby Campbell CHIG W80 48:41

Course 4


Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matteo Rebora SLOW M12 5:39
2nd Luke Bennett DFOK M10 6:28
3rd Thomas Rollins SN M12 6:43
4th Tomas Stanzys DFOK M10 6:57
5th Vadim Pesenti DFOK M10 6:59
6th Jake Bennett DFOK M10 7:52
7th Louis Peters CHIG M14 9:29
8th Persephone Peters CHIG W10 12:06
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